Natural on your situation

by taulloct

Don't hesitate

That day, Chen told me that she was in love with you, is to prove that I love with your inner thoughts, said she wanted to help me be you find, only to fall in love with you this summer, the street, after hanging fly, swaying of the leaves, why do the good friend to do this yet, I know from the morning of the eyes, the morning also like you, she cheated me not to, but take the initiative to give up his love. But if in order to prove my love, I love you, do not hesitate to answer, however, for you, I am afraid the answerStorage for toys.

A year's time, we three are good friends, life comfortable living. Who also didn't answer this is false.

Until May, Chen chose to go to england. Before this month, Chen told you she loves you, but may I tell you here to take care of each other, love is honest. However, this figure of youth, not what is thought, when morning walk, you say sorry to me. I just walk away, since that is beautiful to leave, moist eyes vision was unable to escape the morning with you, well, you hugged, kissed, full of happinessotter box iphone case, this is the best outcome.

The night is cool wind, blowing over the youth time, sleepless nights, there is no thing, don't forget things, can't heal wounds, one day to recall now, every day is a good youth Memorial. Your little fleeting youth, even if I did use all one's skill will not change the choice of a person, perhaps a year or two I will slowly fall in love with another boy, a person who is better than you. In the days without you, the tears of joy and sorrow, a person, now only deeply buried in the bottom of my heart. But, after all, any one asked, do you love me the personfashion men clothing wholesale, will be embarrassed, who can answer instead of answering, but, after all, what injury.
by taulloct | 2013-09-17 10:53