Natural on your situation

by taulloct

Palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.

The rain, next stop, along the ridge dripping umbrella in front of me. I, walking in the street, clumsy shoes beating the ground, like a heavy metal sound, like a picture of life of the decline of the poet flowery wordsfashion women clothing wholesale.

Green smoke enveloped the whole sky.

Shoulder bag along with my walk, slipped quietly, there you shoved down clothing, daily necessities, more is my favorite snacks. Departure thick seam, not five days holiday, do seem to be on the life and death battleManaged Cloud.

I sat in the window, the shadows whirling green, coolТуроператор Гонконг, carved window under a plain paper, painting ink, light or dark god before the wind shadow jump Anthony Wong wrist bottom incense.

Suddenly, the bedroom before the window, two or three strains of Tsui Chuk sway with the wind, carved window, I also like today, like elegance香港家政中心, just not at home now. A person like this.

Rain is still raining, along the eaves, dripping in banana leaf, red flowers, is along the leaf fall off you, a crimson, how screens, but still Begonia Road, you know? You know? Should be flourishing leaves and withering flowers! My Begonia get knocked off? No, because you care, only because I like flowers

The sky rain, so, at night, flat by a quiet. My heart seems to have group oil buried, no matter how much I like to wash with water, but it is difficult to erase your light. Not to swing, consumers can not loose, thick paste in my heart.

Somehow, my mind is always come up your shadow, my mother, I seem to like you! I sat drinking tea on the tatami, readily take, open, to see it gradually stretch the body, slowly down to the bottom of the cup body. I a surprised, it's not like you can? I looked out of the window, little starry lights flashing in my eyes, the moonlight was recovered, in the night, you like a little tune, break through the endless night, like you light in front of the door of the street, to finish the night I illuminate the way home.

Shuyujingerfengbuzhi, if you are the wind, I am the breeze ripples the heart lake, I have to admit, I really wanted to you, my mother, had not homesick taste, for poetry that worry, now know as sorrow taste, Yuyuehuanxiu, Yuyuehuanxiu, but a cool autumn. Smooth writing, and I can take my heart one one express? I, I just, think of your figure, a corner just fine, it is enough to make my palpitating with excitement eager to do sth.!
by taulloct | 2014-01-21 11:47